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By Damilola Faustino

Sneakers are very popular these days as they can be used to boost your outfit. But, there is a caveat- if worn the right way. As such, there are rules for wearing sneakers with your outfit. Here are some of them:


Don’t forget the socks

Whether you want them to stand out or simply dissolve into your look, always consider your socks. It can also help boost your general appearance.

Simplify patterns and prints

If you’re wearing a leopard print dress, definitely avoid wearing leopard print shoes. To make a successful fashion statement, you want your ensemble to have one focal point. If your sneakers match the print on your dress, people will have no idea where to look. Keep it simple!

Keep it neutral

You just spent hours piecing together the perfect wardrobe but have no idea what sneakers to wear. The sneakers on your left foot are too casual and the colouring of the shoe on your right foot doesn’t quite match. When in doubt, keep it neutral. Black, nude and gray shoes go with just about everything.

denim skirt

Wear them with a dress or skirt but be careful

You just can’t help but conjure up the sight of long skirts, socks and sneakers. But a thoughtful approach to elevating the style of the sneaks and be modern. But be careful. It’s harder than it looks to showcase this skirt + sneakers look without looking like a person from the 1980s.

Don’t overmatch

Avoid overmatching unless it’s black. You might think your slimming red dress will look great with a pair of red sneakers but in reality, it’s a little overbearing and will make you look bland. You can also consider pairing a knit dress with a satin shoe and break up the reds by throwing on a leather jacket.

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