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It is not like an examination, where you are taught what to write before examinations. But, the Big Brother Naija auditions have also been known to be quite different from film auditions as well, where you are told to act out a scene.


No, BBNaija auditions are somewhat out of the norm. You could literally be told to do the most bizzare things like picking out an item from a box and being told to talk about it (some people have been known to talk about themselves picking up panties and having to explain what the panties mean to them, so ask yourself “what do panties mean to me? Lol)

Anyway, from past experience, here are likely things you could be told to do at the BBNaija auditions as they begin tomorrow.

Are you qualified? Before you go to the venue at all, ensure that you are 21 years or over; go with your valid international passport and be “the most entertaining person in the universe” as said by Big Brother himself.

Personality: Your personality is one of the key factors being looked out for at the BBNaija auditions. It is not like they expect you to be crazy or anything, but if you’re shy, then you should not even be at the auditions in the first place. However, tone down your craziness as well, don’t go there acting like you could vandalize house items and break house rules. You will not be picked.

Scenarios: You will be asked to act out scenarios. Examples are: If your friend calls you in the middle of the night to tell you her boyfriend broke up with her, what would you do?

Questions: You will be asked random questions, never give an aloof one-word answer. Expatiate a little, even play out a scenario if you can.

Possible questions include: What’s the weirdest thing you can do on TV? Be careful not to say you can have sex on TV, because you may not be picked. The show does not want to portray itself as promoting pornography.

Smile: Ain’t nobody a smile ever hurt, so try to smile through the process. You may have been waiting in line for hours, but once its your turn, you only get one chance. Swallow your pride and frustration and try to shine through the auditions. N45 million is not joke, you have to work for the money.

Basically, just act normal and be yourself, with a little edge. Think of what you would do in a situation, with a little extra. Be conversational, but not talkative.

The auditions will hold all over the country to gear up and visit the venue closest to you and shine.

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