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By Sarah Oyedo

Pocket squares since the medieval era have been a major feature in male accessories. First carried as handkerchief by Richard the second’s courtiers for purely practical reasons like nose blowing, it has become a sartorial staple for the modern gents. Whether cotton or linen or silk, this slight piece of cloth has the potential to up-jump an average tailored look into the A-grade status. Here are a few tips on how to nail this subtle yet exquisite detail:

pocket squares

No pattern matching: the pocket square doesn’t have to come with the same design and color with your tie. While the colors may complement each other, replicating your tie pattern with your pocket square is a sure and tested way to display mediocrity.


Use complementary colors: Complementary colors sit across each other on the color wheel and they create the strongest contrast. Though you risk looking a little too “rainbowish”, try paring a blue tie with an orange pocket square, or a red tie with a green pocket square. While these combinations can be daring, they are a sure way to stand out and look dashing.

Don’t overdo patterns: Ensure some articles of clothing are flat colors which will accentuate the color in your pocket square or tie.

Silk pocket squares; if you choose a silk pocket square make sure it is over 40cm x 40cm (16 inches) as anything smaller, the fine material is likely to slip down your pocket

Match your fold to the occasion: For formal occasions stick to the flat fold or one or two point folds, for more casual occasions use some more flare with the classic puff fold or one of the more flamboyant fold.

pocket squares

White pocket square rules: For the most part, there are no rules. White squares work with every jacket and tie combination and color so you can never really get it wrong with a white pocket square.

Black pocket squares rules: The black pocket square when paired with a dark navy or black jacket is mostly used in formal settings and it can give you quite the polished finish. However, the main issues is, your sartorial contrast is barely noticeable until others are within touching distance. It is advised that when wearing black pocket square, you could either go for a square hint with a pattern or a classic white shoestring. The white trim gives clear contrast that completes the jacket beautifully.

Check out a few options below and go do the fashion world proud!

pocket square

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