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Written By Damilola Faustino

Quite a few people fancy preparing Ewa Agoyin at home. The reason may be because they can buy it from hawkers and due to the time invested in preparing it. But what if you crave for it at home? It is not that difficult. Follow these easy steps to prepare tasty Ewa Agoyin. By the way, we hear that the Eguns from Badagry in Lagos State cook the best Ewa Agoyin (no guarantees on that though):


Red or White Beans


Palm oil

Dried blended crayfish & Dried Chilli Pepper (Shombo)

Bell pepper  (Tatashe)

Grated ginger

Seasoning & Salt to taste


 The Beans:

Wash and boil the beans. Allow it to cook until it softens.

Add salt to taste and mash the beans if you like.

The Sauce: (Agoyin pepper)

Start with soaking the dried chili peppers in a bowl of hot water and leave for several hours for it to softens.

Heat the palm oil, add sliced onions to the oil and then stir at interval until the onion’s colour is black but not burnt.

Add the grated ginger, sieved pepper, crayfish, salt, and seasoning. Stir until it mixes properly. Cover and leave to fry until the sauce darkens.

Wow! Your Ewa Agoyin is ready! You can eat with a loaf of bread.

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