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By Damilola Faustino

Many people believe that scarring is a normal part of the wound healing process, but this is not really correct. There are ways to minimize the mark left by a wound. Check them out:


Use a wound dressing

People once believed letting a wound “breathe” was a good idea. The perception was that the air would dry out the wound and aid in the formation of a scab. However, scabbing is not always a good thing. It is advisable to use wound dressing.

Stay away from hydrogen peroxide

Most people remember being a child and having a parent pour hydrogen peroxide on their wounds only to notice that a scar appears. The solution doesn’t just clean the affected area – it also kills new skin cells that start to grow the moment a wound is infected.

Don’t use vitamin E

It was once largely believed that vitamin E enhanced the body’s ability to recover from a wound and helped reduce scarring. Vitamin E has no positive effect on the wound healing process and can enhance scar appearance.

Massage the healing skin

Take time to massage your wound every day after it a new layer of skin has grown. This is effective in reducing the appearance of scarring. Use lotion to gently massage the affected area for 15 to 30 seconds a few times each day.

Avoid sun exposure

When you go about your daily activities, you should conceal the affected area from the sun with clothing, and bandages. You are encouraged to do this because ultraviolet rays can inhibit the wound healing process. They can also even cause discolouration of the healing tissue and turn the scar to a dark colour.

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