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When your precious gadgets (computer/smartphone) crash, the biggest worry for anyone is their data. No one wants to expect the worst but you should always plan for it, in every situation. Your company’s data is no exception to this rule. Data has become increasingly important for all businesses. Whether it is from a security breach or a careless mistake, data loss can be devastating for businesses. Here are ways you can prevent data loss.

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Always back up your data

This is the golden rule. You should create a structured backup strategy and consistently back up your files. Your backup plan should include the different levels of data you maintain in your company and the schedule for their backups. Some data is so critical that it may require you back it up every week.  Also, be sure you periodically test your backups to make sure that your data is being backed up properly.

Diversify your backups

You always want more than one backup system. The general rule is 3-2-1. You should have 3 backups of anything that’s very important. They should be backed up in at least two different formats, such as in the cloud and on a hard drive. There should always be an off-site backup in the event that there is damage to your physical office.

Address data security

Mobile devices are powerful business tools but they can leave your data vulnerable. Ensure your devices can be wiped if they are lost with a remote device management system and use hardware or mobile device systems that encrypt data.

Use anti-virus and email security

Email threats such as hacking, phishing or ransomware can be some of the biggest threats to data. Use a thorough anti-virus and security system to prevent malicious emails from getting through to your company. Also, be certain to offer continuing education to your team about the importance of email security.

Encrypt sensitive data

Data is not always encrypted even when it’s on a backup tape. Invest in a backup system or service that automatically encrypts all backups to ensure that no matter who gets their hands on your data, they cannot access it.

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By Damilola Faustino

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