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Social media has really improved our way to communicate with friends and family that do not live close by, but you’ve got to know how to prevent social media from ruining your relationship. These tips should help you prevent social media from ruining your love life.

Have a social media talk

Have an open and honest conversation about what is and isn’t ok when it comes to social media. Ask specific questions: ‘What do you think counts as inappropriate behaviour on social media? What rules do you have in mind? Have you had problems around social media in a past relationship?’ Having this conversation makes things clear, rather than ignoring potential problems. Also, periodically review your guidelines, as things and people change.

Don’t compare

It may be easy to do, but don’t compare your relationship with anyone else’s! Other people’s relationships may seem better than yours, but remember you are looking from a distance and social media is not reality! People generally only post the good parts of their life on social media so it is not an accurate representation of their life.

Don’t be a timeline stalker

If you are going to be friends in the online world then it gives you access to a lot of information and it is easy to get obsessive about stuff that doesn’t matter. Looking at all the past relationships, ‘likes’ and past comments can cause you to have doubts that have no basis in reality. It can be all too easy to read into things that aren’t there. That was then, this is now!

Be aware of the time you post

Maybe liking someone’s post at 2am in the morning is not such a good idea. You wouldn’t call someone at that time, so why be liking on Facebook. Keep to respectable hours!

When it comes to your Exe

It is good to be open with your partner about the conversations you both have with your exes. When you hide things or need to hide things it makes you look guilty. Keeping track of posts and what’s happening for your exes can have a negative impact on your current relationship, maybe it seems unfair but it can be true. You think it is cool to be friends but it can cause you trouble you don’t need. If your ex still likes you and you like their posts, it can give them the impression you are still interested or it might give your partner the wrong idea too.

By: Damilola Faustino

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