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Now, let’s be real: nobody wants to be in the friend zone with their crush. Worse, if they use you to get their actual boyfriend! But it does happen that you find yourself hovering in that friend zone area, especially when your crush has not declared their feelings towards you as well. But should you just sit around and accept your fate when this happens? No! You have to fight your way out of the friend zone. Here’s how to go about it:

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Make him feel awkward

By confessing your feelings, you’re basically depriving him of his comfort zone. Since you’ve been friends for quite a while, you might have even given one another dating advice and shared precious experiences. Therefore, there’s no wonder if it’s simply awkward for him to see you as anything else but a trustworthy friend. The best way to transition from friend to girlfriend is to make everything seem like it’s his idea. So, if you want to get out of the friend zone, here are the ways in which you can pull it off:

Show him your womanly side

Make an effort to look your best when you’re about to meet up. Dress sexily, wear makeup or change your perfume. Just do something to show him a different side of yourself. At the same time, adopt womanly and seductive gestures around him. Cross your legs slowly, play with a lock of your hair while talking, roll your eyes coyly, get into gentle “friendly” touches, be careful with your pose, etc. If he spots you, don’t admit it. Just smile and play the game further, or make the lame excuse that you’re exercising your charms on him.

Stop spreading relationship signals

No guy dives right into a relationship. First, he wants to have fun, explore the chemistry and just let things flow naturally. Letting him know too soon that you’re only interested in commitment will drive him away. You need to show him you want to have a fun time too, and that you’re not afraid to just try things out. Portray a positive, agreeable and easygoing attitude. This will puzzle and incite him right away.

Ask him to help you out

Guys feel better when they help friends out. Ask for his helping hand with regard to something and make him feel useful, all while drawing him closer to you. This works even better if that helping hand requires you to spend more time together. Remember to buy some of his favourite drinks. Thank him affectionately for his benevolence, and show him you appreciate his qualities and effort. However, don’t overdo it with dinner, compliments or anything else in that area. Putting him on a pedestal is never a great idea.

Hang around other men

Seeing you have a great time with other men (not including your common group of friends) might be just the clue he needs to see you as more than a buddy. Make sure you tell him about the fun you had with the other guys. If he’s not showing any signs of jealousy or responding to any of your clues, there’s only one thing left to do.

Ignore him

It’s rather strange, but many people only value what they’ve got in their lives when they are about to lose it. Giving him a glimpse of not having you around any longer might be just the thing to make him treasure you as more than just a friend.

By Damilola Faustino

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