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Everyone knows that green tea is healthy, but it’s fantastic for much more than just a tasty beverage. Green tea is actually fantastic for a good bit of health issues you might not be aware of yet. No matter if you choose decaf or regular green tea, you’ll still get the benefits. Check them out:


Make smoothie

One way you can pump up your smoothies with green tea is by freezing brewed green tea into ice cube trays. You can use these instead of regular ice cubes for a thick smoothie that tastes slightly sweet, and incredibly refreshing. You can add 1 tsp. of green tea leaves, either opened up from a tea bag or from a loose leaf variety, to your smoothies. This is an easy way to add antioxidants to your smoothie, as well as increase your metabolism. Plus, green tea is calming, so this makes a great way to unwind with just a few sips.

Facial cleanser

Did you know you can also use green tea as a facial cleanser? Brew green tea and let it cool completely. You can brew a stronger brew for an even greater effect. Then, wash your face in this instead of water, perhaps in a bowl with a cloth over the sink so you don’t waste any. This is a fantastic way to calm the skin from redness or acne since green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Anti-acne treatment

You can use green tea to treat acne since it calms inflammation. The best way to use it as an anti-acne treatment is to drink about 6 cups a day. It is advisable to use decaf if you’re sensitive to caffeine though. Green tea, along with any plant food that’s green, is almost sure to help clear your skin. You can also use the leaves with water and honey to make a paste, and use it as an anti-acne mask that also softens.

Hair rinse

You can even use green tea on your hair! All you need to do is take a pot of brewed tea and use it as a rinse in the shower after shampooing and conditioning. Be sure it’s cooled down, since that heightens its effects. This will help seal the ends, as well as soften your hair, and it’s noticeable after just one use.

Digestive aid

Green tea also contains a special component that helps it cleanse your digestive tract. This happens in two ways. First, the phytochemicals in green tea act as natural cleansers. Secondly, because green tea is so calming, it increases peristalsis in the bowels, which only happens when you’re calm and relaxed. This is necessary for optimal digestion, as well as regularity.

By Damilola Faustino

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