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Visiting the salon is a no-no due to the lockdown so

here’s how to revive those tired braids & over-due weaves

on your head currently.

I  Facetimed the CEO of Vintage Hair Beauty Salon  (VHB) today to discuss

what to do with your braids and weaves

if you can’t get to the hairdresser.

(A word is enough for the wise.)

Many ladies and men are in this predicament

courtesy the presidentially mandated isolation

so take note of these Muy Importante salon-approved tips!


“Two Options; Either you take out those braids

or all you committed queens

can wash & style your braids with these easy tips”

 VBH advises to wash the braids thoroughly and oil them

After which you leave to dry naturally

and when completely dry feel free to style them to your heart’s desire.

A. Ponytail

faux loc braids

B. Double Puffs

box braids

C. Donut

d. Half Up/Half Down

To keep up with modern looks VBH suggests Youtube.

If you’re taking out your braids, locs or weaves feel free to explore your natural hair options.

If you’re fortunate enough to be on lockdown with a friend, sister, or any individual capable of doing cornrows,

head straight to that individual and get your natural hair

looking as cute as Omoni Oboli.

However, if you’re alone during isolation…do not despair

Youtube DIY videos will come in handy to achieve those cornrows

And if Youtube still isnt helpful, feel free to experiment.

And for sure once we are done with the isolation period,

(Post isolation)

you’d be proud of yourself and your newly acquired skills.

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Ladies please could you take off that weave today…

Trust me it will help save your natural hair.

Don’t wait it out if you ‘never got the chance’ to go to the salon prior to Monday.

We’ve been preaching social distancing for a while

so honestly if you’ve cared about your health

you’ve probably not seen your stylist in ages.

VHB tells us that trying to manage the weave and slay is not the way

Get assistance or if you can check Youtube

and deinstall it yourself,

go for it.

Wash and Condition Your Hair Natural Hair 

And make sure to avoid hair breakage.

If possible steam your hair with homemade hair masks to avoid breakage.

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Dear Queen,

The world is oyster during this self isolation period.

You never know this could even be the time to do the full chop for permed princesses desiring to turn natural.

Whatever your position, whatever your situation…

Comment below to decide which of these tips you’re taking on board and if you have any more queries.

I’m more than happy to receive more questions you want tackled

from Hair, Beauty to Skin care. 🙂

As usual, do stay safe in these trying times

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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