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How To Rock Dark Tones This Season With IAMISIGO & Sisiano

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Black is unarguably the most worn colour, giving off a vibe of chic and cool.

Regardless of how hot the weather is, it isn’t hard to find people sporting the look.

For those of us that live in a country like Nigeria, which is more scorching than not, we should be more open to experimenting with other dark shades that bring in less heat.

Giving you a look into the collections of two major African designers, Iamisigo and Sisiano not only will your eyes be rewarded with colours that pull off edgy as much as black but you will also find that they are both rich in culture.


The spring/summer 2015 collection, TABOO, is filled with all the perfect examples of alternative dark colours that should be worn more often, navy blue, indigo, beige and more.

The name of the collection is derived from the literal meaning of the peoples that inspired it, the Wodaabe.

The parts of their culture that is considered taboo such as their free sexuality; is the subject matter behind these creative pieces.

See photos below:




Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo


Moving on to Sisiano, their ‘Birds at war’, spring/summer 2016 Sisiano collection screams effortless while remaining bold with square cuts and light fabrics.

With the right pair of shoes, you can work these looks for just about any occasion.

See photos below:



Photography: Jerrie Rotimi

Written by Sophie Ajaero

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