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Some men are terribly unserious when it comes to being in a relationship with you and just show up to waste your time or “hit and run”. Some of them are even willing to put up all forms of gimmicks and tricks just so that they can have a taste of your cherry. Here at Accelerate, we asked around and came up with a few ways of how to make guys with unserious intentions scurry in the opposite direction.

Meet the family. Suggest that he visits you at home with you to meet your family. Any unserious guy will run away the minute you ask to introduce him to your family as he doesn’t want anything formal. Better still, ask to be introduced to his family and watch him stammer with excuses. Careful though, some guys are pros and will follow you to the end of the earth.

Let’s take pictures. Though some men can be shy and dislike pictures, watch out for his expression when you ask to take pictures with him. He’ll refrain from taking the normal cute couples picture with you because he doesn’t want photographic evidence that you’re a couple getting out.
Suggest baby names. Playfully ask him to suggest your baby names and watch his reaction. Chances are that if you continue to talk baby stuff with him, he’ll get creeped out stop picking your calls. You can take it a notch higher and tell him you’re pregnant if you’ve both been sexually active and see how he turns into a human hurricane. This one can backfire if not handled properly.

Ask for house keys. Any guy who is using you for fun times will not be comfortable letting you have access to his space. Tell him you want to spend more time with him and you’d like to have spare keys to his place so you don’t feel like a visitor. If he is not serious with you, he’ll come up with all kind of excuses as to why you can’t have the spare keys and will be quick in reminding you when you forget your belongings in his place.

Say I love you. Those three little words can make a player run far far away. If he isn’t ready to commit or have no intentions of ever being ready, he’ll end the call before you finish saying the word or find a cunning way to respond.

Meet my pastor. Depending on your religion, tell him that your cleric /pastor/imam/whatever wants to have a meeting with him. He’ll know his scam game is over and he’ll turn pale before your very eyes. Make him quiver some more by adding passing comments about how your cleric is very godly and can sense the future, lol.

Thank us later.

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Written by Treasure Asanammy

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