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Tbh, in order to understand why you’d be saving your mental health in the first place, you need to remember Hauwa’s character.

Hauwa Sowole
  • High achieving Advertising Executive who seeks to dominate
  • She rubs everyone the wrong way and doesn’t care how it makes you feel.
  • Hauwa is stern and makes it her daily task to crush the self esteem of her errant protégé, Ligh.
  • Mainly because she is torn between passing the baton to a younger colleague and staying relevant.

Now, I’d confess something to you real quick (please don’t judge me)…

I took the Which Character Are You In Who’s The Boss? poll and guess who I was?…

With a boss like this, trust me you need these tips below.

4 Self Care Tips To Remeber At Work

Know Your Limits and set boundaries;

Keep your staff handbook close, read it like it’s your bible and stay within the guidelines of every word.

Once you’re doing the right thing, any boss who tries to come for you..just make your way to HR.

(If HR does nothing about it and it persists, start looking for alternative places because your mental health is too important. i.e. It’s time to bounce!)

Make your workspace your haven;

Keep things as Zen as possible after all Hauwa loves to challenge and bully so you may be clinging to your desk to stay away from her line of view.

When you make your workspace a haven, you’d look forward to spending time there and you’d be more productive.


Stay Hydrated ;

When you’re drinking lots of water and eating healthy, you’re body and mind works sharper.

Even if you’re not about eating healthy (of which you should be), this is how you do it.

Every weekend, when you have some time off work, stock up on your favourite fruits and add that to your lunch diet on a daily basis.

In so doing you limit your chances of falling ill, you glow from within and never give Hauwa the satisfaction of seeing you weak.


Do one thing that makes you happy every week;

After a tense work week, you must reward yourself by doing something that makes you happy. If I were Ligh (Hauwa’s protege), I’d have one day every week dedicated to watching a movie of my choice.

Every Thursday, I’d take advantage of the N999 cocktails served at Filmhouse Imax Cinemas and treat myself to a March Madness movie for just N1000.

Self care time sorted! Keeping me refreshed and still optimistic enough to face Hauwa’s negative vibes.

It’s a bit late now but I apologise for any spoilers within this article :).

If you still haven’t watched this movie don’t delay.

Who’s The Boss is still in cinemas and you can watch it for N1000 every Monday to Thursday at these selected Filmhouse IMAX cinemas;



Circle Mall (Shoprite) Jakande

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