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Self-promotion can feel a bit awkward if you’re not used to it. You are likely to be perceived as obnoxious or egotistical. But in the age of professional networking, self-promotion is becoming more and more common – and important – for everyone. If you do not promote yourself, who will? Here are ways to self-promote yourself without necessarily feeling guilty.

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Prove it with results

Find the right opportunities to promote yourself, as opposed to patting yourself on the back out of the blue. Received awesome results on that big project? Got great feedback from a client? Overcome a work challenge? Don’t miss those chances to promote yourself when you really deserve it, and back your triumphs with results or testimonials.

Own it with enthusiasm

Do you generally feel uncomfortable talking about yourself? Try to think of self-promotion as talking about your work instead. If you love what you do and can speak with enthusiasm and passion, sharing your professional accomplishments can become that much easier. You’re likely to get a more positive response from your audience if you’re sharing your work because you think others will enjoy it, rather than selling yourself.

Get clear on what you’re about

One of the biggest barriers that can keep you from self-promotion is confusion about what you do. It’s hard to give an elevator pitch when you’re unclear of what you stand for and what services you provide. Take some time to iron out your pitch. Think about what problem you’re passionate about and the type of products or services you offer to solve the problem.

Promote others

Don’t forget to applaud others for their outstanding achievements, too. Giving shout-outs to other people’s awesome work can actually help you out. Not only does it position you as an industry expert who knows good stuff when they see it, but it can also help add variety to your feed and increase your professional network. Sharing other people’s work can also show you’re not intimidated by the competition; you’re confident in what you have to offer.

Be helpful, not boastful

If you’re worried that you’ll come off as a sleazy or self-absorbed person, try to focus on solutions when self-promoting. People like solutions. A sleazy person or someone who’s self-absorbed is in the game for themselves. They’re not interested in a mutually beneficial transaction where each party benefits. They’re trying to trick someone into a sale or to show off their accomplishments to others for an ego boost. That’s not what you’re doing here. You’re not being sleazy or boastful if you’re promoting yourself and explaining your services to people who may need them.

By Damilola Faustino

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