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So you think there’s no such thing as Friday blues huh?

Like blue is such a selective colour that it only shows up on a Monday. The sky is full of rainbows, my people and after the sunshine, comes the rain but guess what – sunshine again. I will shine because there’s always something to appreciate in your life and mine. I’ve got a foolproof way of getting you up and on your feet when Friday tries to pull you down.


So, wait, Friday isn’t trying to pull you down? Well, sometimes it kind of is. Think about it. It’s the end of the week already, you’re barely trudging through the work day because your mind is on all the booze and other vices that may tickle your fancy this weekend. Or maybe you’ve got a trip or some part-time work to get sorted out, so you’re in the office and the anxiety monster comes to bite you.


It’s a simple trick really. When the anxiety monster comes knocking down the door, take a deep breath and give yourself some space. Some water might help also. I know this might be crazy but I have two foolproof ways to get your engines firing high on Friday morning when all you can think about is anything but getting yourself to do some work.

in the toilet

  1. Go and take a big, a very big dump in the toilet. Trust me it works. Even if you don’t feel like it. Go sit on the toilet seat, pull down your underwear and at least give it a try. There’s just something about the breeze your naked body feels and the tiny bit of exertion that scares that anxiety monster away. Foolproof way number one – check!
  2. Write a letter to your mum. Trust me it works. Even if you don’t feel like it. Just put your pen to paper or finger to keyboard and tell mama how you feel right now. Mama knows us best and whether it’s a happy or angry letter, that tension oozes out onto the page and all the way out of you.


Now, it’s time to get back to work. The excitement is still in the air for the amazing weekend ahead but the anxiety monster has been slayed. Now, you can remember that all you have is this fleeting present moment and you’re going to grab and get some good work done. Have a great weekend!

Written by John Noble

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