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Yes, the lockdown has been partially lifted (in Nigeria, and some other countries) but a lot of us are wisely choosing to stay indoors due to the constant rise in COVID cases. 

The truth of the matter is that nothing is ever going to be the same again but the one thing our cover stars in the MAY 2020 Cover video assured us, is that building our portfolios, honing our skills and practising self-care will ensure your productivity and in most cases, distract you from the worries the pandemic brings.

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One form of distraction, every fashionista can count on is a cute photoshoot situation and be though accessing instagrammable spots within restaurants and the interiors of sunning buildings can be a bit of an impossibility now (and dare I add, a safety hazard)

You can always do the needful by working with what you have and what’s around you.

If you’re not too motivated by your room/home decor and you feel like it doesn’t fit your aesthetic,

What’s stopping you from employing a DIY photo studio within your space.

Scroll to see hacks and tricks you need in order to produce a flawless photoshoot at home…( like that of an influencer!)

an in so doing, distract you from the effects of the ‘Rona.

There’s no better time than now.

Create A Cool Backdrop

This is the perfect opportunity to create cool backdrops in your home using anything from Ankara wrappers to bed linen.

Yes, sis, it’s as easy as that.

(Photo: Gratsikat)

If you want yourself to be the main focus for attention, and you desire clean, crisp white spaces,

Then tone out the noise in the background by making use of a wide white bed sheet or duvet cover.

(Creative Direction and Photograph by Isabella Agabaje)

If you want colour and vibrance to take focus then go for printed scarves wrappers and Ankara fabric; a method that award-winning photographers swear by.

Invest In A Solid Mirror

gratsikat at home

(Photo: Gratsikat)

Invest in a mirror play around with makeup and try out trends that you’ve been seeing online.

My tip for you is to compare prices online and even in traffic, (chances are that mirror sellers can be sighted on the expressway or wherever roadside hawkers gather) then choose the price that works for you.

I’d suggest the in-traffic buy since you can haggle down the price.

If you’re mirror Try moving your mirror and placing it on the floor,

Invest in Plants or Indoor Foliage

Incorporate large plants into the background of your photos just like you did with the printed wrappers and bedsheets.

(Photo: Isabella Agbaje)

If you have a garden scenery close by, why not immerse yourself into the foliage and before you know it, you’d have achieved a stellar shoot just like photographer Isabella Agbaje did above.

Showcase A New Makeup Trend At Home

(Photo: Teen Vogue)

I previously advised you to let the creative in you come out in full force when it comes to quirky makeup trends.

So why not try it out, film and post the content for all to see.

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Show off your creation by using perfect lighting from the sun at golden hour and make sure to film this look with a close-up selfie in order for viewers not to miss a beat. 🙂

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono


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