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Pregnant ladies are already dealing with a lot, swollen feet, a whole life growing within them, morning sickness, and more.

Therefore it’s not crazy to imagine fashion queens who were once at their peak, fell short during those maternal months.

I’m here to explain that it downs have to be doom and gloom when it comes to maternity clothes.

I’ve curated advice and tips from relatable stylistas and in so doing, I rounded up outfits below to ensure you slay your pregnancy like the hot Mama Jama you know you are.


This fashion queen already sits on the throne on a normal day so you can imagine how she went above and beyond to slay her baby bump.

One thing I noticed after following Powede’s style during her last pregnancy is that pink is her colour.

The nurse, ex-beauty queen and pilot slayed a good number of Fuschia looks

which made me realise that pregnant ladies should embrace hues.

Find one that’s your signature shade during pregnancy and play around with different outfits in that particular hue.


Mesh Outfit:

Tip: When searching for outfits to slay your pregnancy;

keep in mind a maxi mesh outfit.

The Mesh dress is a winner for any lady, pregnant or not,

because it elevates your fashion points completely.

Wear an all-black ensemble under to keep your figure looking right and streamlined.


Side Split Maxi Dress:


As I said earlier, these outfits will help you look elegant during your pregnancy and can be worn well after the pregnancy to achieve the same WOW-effect.

Tip: A side-split dress creates an illusion of a smaller waist which is the dream for any female tbh.

This particular dress is from Clan RTW and was custom made to fit the baby bump.

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Tip: If you’re buying from a made in Nigeria brand, chances are that you can also get customised fits to fit your bump and after the pregnancy, the outfit can be altered to fit your post-baby body. You’d never know if you don’t ask.

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