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When it comes to meeting new people especially eye candy, social media is your go to place for it. When it comes to sliding into someone’s DMs, you have to get it right, lest you become a laughing stock among her friends. If you’re used to girls reading your messages and never responding then you’re probably not doing it right. Have a look at some of these useful guidelines.

-Don’t go about liking every girl’s picture. That’s mad creepy.

-You know that little feature on Instagram that tells people whose pictures you’ve been liking all day? Well girls check that out. Still wondering why she is ignoring your DMs? Well she can see you are liking all of @lostinpink pictures and nah, she isn’t looking to chat with someone as thirsty as you.

-Before pressing send on any message, make sure you confirm that your entire vocabulary is correct no matter how short the message is. Tacky mistakes on DMs is what put a lot of people off. Cross check your words and stop blaming auto correct. Use a dictionary to know the difference between your and you’re lest your attempt in getting her attention will lead to something like this:

You: Your beautiful
An eternity later
Her: You’re*

Of course you know she will never reply your messages again.

-Your followers matter. So you have about 5000 followers and about 4990 something are females? Cool story! Girls are private investigators and they notice literally EVERYTHING. Let me let you in on a little secret, the minute you add a girl to your Snapchat, IG or Twitter and slide into her DM. She checks out every damn thing about you, including the people you’re following. She can obviously tell when you’re on a prowling spree bro.

-Just because you messaged her doesn’t mean you’re entitled to a response. No, you’re not! Try not to be the “have a good life” kinda guy or “I was only trying to be your friend”. Don’t even be the “peace & blessings forever since you’re too busy” guy.

-You don’t want to be told about how a screenshot of your messages to her is circulating among her friends. Move on dude.

-A direct message doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be very direct when sliding into her DM. Skip telling her she is hot or that you like how her hair looks curly yet straight and brownish and blonde all at the same time. Look out for her interests and say something relating to that aspect. Woo her. It’s really not that hard guys!

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