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Today, there are a handful of online and offline travel agents in Lagos specifically and Nigeria generally that it has become very difficult for a traveller to distinguish between a genuine or fake travel agent. Thus, finding a good and trustworthy travel agent can be tasking. In order not to fall prey to these fake or counterfeit travel agents looking to defraud you of your money, simply on the lookout for the following tips.

fake travel agent

Physical office

Any serious travel agent must have a physical office and a handful of staff to answer the queries of intending travellers. Even if they have a physical office, it won’t cost you anything if you do a bit of research about the company and their address. If they are associated with any kind of fraud, you will find answers on Twitter, Facebook and on a forum like Nairaland.


Not all travel agents are accredited. However, they should have some sort of accreditation from an agent or association that is legally recognised.  Having this Knowledge would make it easy for you to deal with your chosen or selected travel agent. It is advisable to deal with these accredited agents so that when there are any complaints or issues, you can easily tender a report.

Deals are too good to be true

Mere looking at some certain travel deals, they are simply too good to be true. Some are easily drawn to these kinds of deals because they are ridiculously affordable. For example, you see an advert saying Dubai visa is 15k. This is quite impossible. If you fall for this, do not lament if you lose your money. Do not patronise them.


A good agent should have a review that highly recommends their services. If the review is poor, then they aren’t good enough. Check for recommendations and reviews. Dig deep. Ask questions. You can get referrals from satisfied customers.

Mode of operation

What is their mode of operation? Do they give you counsels that encourages taking a shortcut? Do they lecture you on how to deceive immigration? Be at alert and observe every pointer or red light. Do not take accept anything that sounds or appears suspicious.

By Damilola Faustino

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