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There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an intern. This is because it provides some of the best hands-on work experience and it is a great introduction to the professional world. As an intern, you can stand out from the crowd and be unique in your own way. In line with this, here are tips to help you stand out.


Research the company 

You researched the company prior to your interview (that’s one reason why you got the internship!) but it’s likely that time has passed since then; you should get reacquainted with the company before the first day. Brush up on company updates, history, the CEO, etc. It never hurts to be up-to-date with the industry you’re about to spend 40 hours/week with either.

Practice time management

Show up early and leave late. Don’t ask for a week of vacation when you’re an intern for 10 weeks. If you have too much on your plate, talk to your manager before the deadline is an hour away to see how you can get help.

Dress for success

In general, dressing professionally does two things-it shows that you care, and it helps you mentally get in the mindset to work. It’s better to be known as the well dressed, could’ve-been-a-full-time-employee intern than the too-casual intern.

Pay attention to your attitude 

Be humble, be grateful and be excited about the opportunity. Welcome new tasks with a smile and can-do attitude. Even if you decide this is not the career you want to pursue, your manager will be more willing to refer you for future opportunities because you were wonderful to work with.

Demonstrate initiative and be proactive

This tip is not just about asking your manager if they need help with something during a quiet day—this tip is about researching or solving a problem without being asked. For example, if you see that the team is constantly bogged down with a task, leverage your skills to find a solution.

Never eat lunch alone

Network, network, network. Besides getting to know your fellow interns, create a list of 5-10 employees inside and outside your department whom you’d like to know more about. Reach out to them early in your internship to find a time to grab lunch, ask them about their job, how they got into the field, etc. Develop the relationship early on and you’ll never walk away from a lunch knowing less than when you arrived.

By Damilola Faustino

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