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Harmattan period comes with dust, cold, and hot temperature, causing a rise in sicknesses and bacteria spread. It could range from pneumonia, catarrh, nose bleeding, excessive sneezing, and cracked lips and skins, all of which come with discomfort, and pains. Hence, we must know the best ways to stay healthy during harmattan so that we can restrain how often we will contract these sicknesses that are accustomed to this period.


Keep your body warm

Cold is well acquainted with this period. Therefore, you will need to wear clothing that will keep your body warm. Wear clothes that will keep your body warm regularly to keep your chest away from cold. Also, the breeze blows a lot during this period, but a thick cloth will save you from that.

Drink plenty of water

Water is essential to our body system. In this case, drinking plenty of water will prevent dehydration. The harmattan season will demand that you remain hydrated. If you would want to do away with dehydration, make it a habit to keep water close-by for drinking.

Always walk with handkerchiefs

Dust results in catarrh and excessive sneezing. Moving from one destination to another during the harmattan will expose you to dust causing agent. It could be from a moving car or motorcycles. In the home as well, during cleaning up of the dust particles that settle on the home gadget, chairs, windows, curtains and so on. You will be exposed to the dust which in turns might result in catarrh and sneezing.

Apply balms and moisturiser

During the harmattan season, you risked cracky skins and cracky lips. All these can wear you an ugly look. What can be done to prevent this? To prevent your lips from cracking, always apply balms that will keep it soft, and oily which in turns will not pave way for cracky lips, rather it will keep your lips glowing.

Keep doors and windows closed

The harmattan period involves breeze blowing that will expose one to excessive cold. Another way to prevent yourself from cold is to keep the windows, and doors of the home well closed. When you do this, the house will stay warm and reduce the movement or circulation of dust within the house. Also, you can use thick curtains during this period to reduce the impact of cold.

Pay a visit to the clinic

Self-medication is never the best in addressing medical issues that are going out of hands. Therefore, you would need to visit the clinic if you discover things are getting out of hands. These health issues might be pneumonia, itchy eyes, and watery eyes. Failure to do that can lead to further complications or even death.

Wash eyes regularly

Dryness of face will intensify the cracking of your face. To assist in softening of the face, and to keep the eyes off infections that blows along with dust, wash eyes regularly. Additionally, to prevent red eyes, wash eyes regularly. To help stick to a routine, you can do that before meals and after meals, after waking up and when going to the bed.

Consume more fruits

Fruits are good for fighting bacteria. Fruits will prevent you from having catarrh and allow you to stay fit and healthy. Visit shops were fruits are sold, and buy the required quantity that will sustain you.

Avoid excessive intake of extremely cold drinks

Chill drinks can trigger pneumonia and catarrh. To keep your body balance, and reduce the susceptibility to these infections, limit your intake of chill drinks during cold period. It is also advisable to take in more warm waters rather than the chilled ones, and bath warm waters rather than cold one.

By Damilola Faustino

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