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By Damilola Faustino

If you find your jealousy causes issues in your relationship, then you have two choices: either discover you are worthy of love or move along. Don’t stay stuck feeling insecure. It just isn’t fun, nor is it what a true relationship is about. Of course, you do not want to quit the relationship and at the same time, you have to stop being jealous. Here are ways to control or limit jealousy:


Figure out what makes you happy

Often, we feel jealous when we give too much of ourselves to a relationship. If you find your partner’s needs always come first, they always get to choose, or you just give in all the time, then it is not uncommon to feel jealous. They are enjoying their lives, while you are being someone else and forgetting about your own needs.

Be okay with being by yourself

Fear is one of the biggest drivers of jealousy. If you fear being alone, that fear may make you jealous when you don’t really have a cause. We all fear the loss of a loving relationship. But, if you are always jealous and suspecting of their behaviours, then it just might be that you aren’t okay with losing them.

Realize you have so many options

Sure, they might be the best thing you ever had, but if you are so jealous that they will cheat on you, they can’t be as awesome as you think. Decide for yourself if they are the type of person that will hurt you by cheating. If you believe they are, then you need to move on.

Mind over matter

When you feel jealous, stop, think rationally, and figure out if it is real or something you created in your head. If you needlessly fear, you likely create a scenario in your head that isn’t real.

Quit snooping

Constantly checking their actions through social media, going through their phone, or looking for receipts won’t give you the answers you need. In fact, it just adds more fuel to your fire. You either believe and trust them or let them go.

Think positive unless you have a reason not to

If you continually accuse your partner, look for proof of their infidelity, or confront them with distrust, you might get the very thing you are so afraid of. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t trust them.

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