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By Damilola Faustino

Open offices are excellent for facilitating team member interactions and creating an inclusive environment. On the flip side, this kind of office environment is bound to create distractions that can severely impact your productivity. Regardless, you still have to work in such an environment. Here is how to survive a noisy office:

open office

Wear in earplugs

The only real solution for an employee to eliminate noise is to wear earplugs. The research on whether listening to music increases productivity is mixed, so if it helps you, go for it—but if not, save your tunes for the ride home.

Work from home occasionally

If you’ve got a big task that involves deep concentration coming up, see if your boss will let you get it done from home. It might even save the company money. The hidden costs involved with a lack of productivity, in addition to the increased risk of illness due to exhaustion, can be huge.

Designate a quiet area

Quiet areas can be an effective workaround to the noisy open office environment. By designating a small area away from the commotion of the general office setting, you can provide employees with an escape when things get hectic, allowing them to complete their work in a comfortable setting.

Offer a variety of workspaces

In addition to the open space, there should also be a small and large conference room. Variety gives you the option to work in the open when you want to, and find solitude when you need it.

Place your phone on vibration

The ringtone of your phone coupled with the noise of your open office can be very frustrating. On your part, you can place your phone on vibration. Additionally, you can propose this to your HR to send a memo informing co-workers to place their phone on vibration.

Book a room

There will be so many workers who want to use the workspaces or quiet room. So, there should be a Google sheet created for them to book these rooms. This is essential ensure orderliness in the use of the room.

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