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From the drying harmattans to the humid raining seasons, our skin goes through a lot.

Here are some tips on how to stay glowing and protected through every season:


The one most common causes of breakouts is Bacteria!

For this reason it is so important to keep your skin clean.

Throughout the day germs build up on your face, and the

main culprit of this is your phone. Each square inch of your

phone contains roughly 25,000 germs. Just think about that

the next time you’re watching Shade Corner on the toilet

and then make a phone call.

One way to stay away from germs is to ensure your hands

are clean, and avoid touching your face!

Also wash your face twice a day (when you wake up and before

you sleep). Investing in facial wipes to use after a workout or dirty

activities will save you from a horrible break out! Charcoal draws

out bacteria, chemicals and other micro- particles to the surface of

your skin, giving you glowing clean skin, for this reason we suggest

the yes to detoxifying charcoal facial wipes


Image courtesy @bareskin.tj on instagram

Hydrating is extremely important!

It prevents wrinkles, It prevents wrinkles, It prevents wrinkles.

Aside from that it also makes your make up go on smoother, and gives

you a natural glow. You know the tight sensation after washing your face or having a shower? That’s from a lack of moisture on your skin. Additionally moisture creates a protective barrier on your skin that Protects you from environmental changes like temperature. Even if you have oily skin, you need moisture, but you might want to go for an oil free moisturiser.



image courtesy @dddlicious on instagram

Many people don’t know this but aside from you “being what you eat”

your skin is also what you eat. If you tend to eat greasy foods then

your chances of getting white heads and having oily skin are more

likely. All those fizzy drinks that you’re guzzling down your throat

aren’t doing your body or your skin any good.

Alcohol- dries out your skin and strips away your protective layer

Deep fried food- leads to excess oil production in your skin

Dairy – dairy causes an imbalance of hormone in humans sometimes

leading to breakouts.

Fruits and vegetables a good for so many reasons. They hydrate you, they contain fibre, and antioxidants as well as having anti- inflammatory purposes


Masks are an important part of a skin care routine.

There is probably a mask for most problems that you

might have with your skin.

To shrink pores – honey and baking soda

To unclog pores – a mask containing activated charcoal

To remove blackheads – a peel off mask

To hydrate – a mask containing cucumber or rose water

Acne prone skin – Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar

All of these ingredients can be found in a supermarket or on amazon


Aside from protecting your skin from germs is it also necessary

to protect your skin from the sun. many people overlook this step

of their skin care routine, but sun damage has long term damaging

effects, whether you have melanin or not. They say “black don’t crack”

but that doesn’t always work if you don’t use sunscreen. The melanin

pigment in our skin protects us to a certain extent, but does not block

all UV rays. Sun damage can cause premature wrinkling,

hyperpigmentation and dull blotchy skin. Save yourself from all these

 and buy yourself a moisturiser containing spf 30 or above

By: Dara Shonubi

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