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When you are not interested in a guy who is obviously interested in you, it can be pretty dicy telling them off without coming off as rude. Nevertheless, it is better to make this known than to string them along, otherwise you are just a bad person. If you’ve given hints and they are not taking them, it may be time to get blunt. Here’s how to tell a guy that you do not want a relationship with him:


Be Honest

Well, being honest is one of the best ways to tell a guy you’re not interested. It might hurt him but at least both of you will have saved some time that might have been wasted if you hadn’t been honest. The last thing you want to do is lead him on.

Get busy

If step one fails, don’t give him the chance to ask you out. Get busy. Fill up your schedule, that way if he does ask you out, you’d still be telling him the truth when you say you’re busy. Go out with your girls, or join a class. This way you’ll be active yourself and you wouldn’t have to lie about it either.


Maybe he’s not your type as a boyfriend, but maybe he’s your type as a guy friend. Make sure it is obvious that he is in the friend zone. Don’t be rude about it but gently show him that you like him only as a friend.

Do not flirt

Sometimes even if you’re not interested that way you get tempted to flirt. You might think it’s harmless flirting but to him it might give him the idea that you’re interested-which you are not. No matter how tempting, harmless flirting is a must to avoid. If you wouldn’t want to be led on like that, so should you avoid doing the same to another person.

Hook him up with your friend

Maybe you and him might not have the same interests but maybe someone you know might- your friend! This will obviously tell him you’re not interested, but it might not hurt him as much because he’ll be busy with someone who is.

Gradually avoid contact

Try to avoid contact – not all at once but slowly. The more the contact, the more he may think you like him. If he doesn’t see you he might lose interest. After all, you want to see the person you like.

By Damilola Faustino

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