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First dates are sort of a casual audition. Seeing a prospective partner for the first time and trying to see if you both can take things further into an actual relationship. First dates are also risky, we get to see the person in real life (which can be a shocker in this age of social media, filters and Photoshop). But above all, how you make the first date work can actually be the deciding factor if he/she wants to see you again and this includes where you go, how you act and what you wear.

First date

For The Guys

In this current economy, it’s not so difficult to see why guys get hurt over spending so much on a date and not getting a relationship return on their investment. We may need to revise how much the first date should cost. How much we would be willing to throw in the risky venture of dating.

Movies, a simple lunch date, a picnic in the park or a music/comedy concert are inexpensive and a perfect option for first time meeting.

First date1

What to wear:  Looks are important. A clean, well ironed T-shirt, jeans, nice footwear and a fresh shape up. Showing up looking rough is a no-no. If you can’t be bothered about putting in efforts for a date, we’re not sure if you’ll be willing to put in efforts for a relationship.

How to act: Be interested. Show up with a smile and try to create conversation with your date. Simple question like “how was the trip getting here? How was your day?” Can spark up conversation where you both discover common grounds or compatibility.

Being polite and courteous to waiters or any other person you interact with while on the date is important. How we act in public to people who do not matter to us can be a deciding factor in character judgement. There’s nothing as off putting as a rude person.

first date2

For The Girls

It can be tempting to want to overkill it on a first meeting but for fashion, less is always more. Simple, casual clothes that fit (drags strap, adjust skirt length, aunty you should have just worn what fits) and beautiful shoes are a good way to score a 10 on looks for any date.

First date3

How to act. Resist the temptation to take too much selfies or Snapchat throughout the date. Let your date enjoy your company.  Also be polite to staff and people you interact with while on a date.

More importantly, order responsibly and do not bring a tag-along when going in a date without talking to them first.

Lastly, no matter how the first date went, remember not to go on social media to rant about the short comings/differences. Rather, communicate your feelings to the other party and resolve whatever problems there is.

Written by Ogheneochuko Yesioh

Twitter @Chukulee_  Instagram @jeweled_by_chukulee

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