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As we all know, natural and organic ingredients are always the best way to achieve a clear, glowing skin. And thankfully, a good number of them are also what we have in our cupboards.

You probably drink coffee on a daily basis but what you may not know is, this twangy drink you take to kick-start your day with is actually also great for your skin. How?


Coffee has the ability to increase the blood circulation, which will provide you with a healthy skin. It also possesses the antioxidants that is required for clean and clear skin. It helps the skin defend itself from the harmful UV rays and escape from skin damage and can also help reduce facial pores. Amazing right?

The results of a coffee face mask are truly so remarkable , you should be able to feel for yourself how smooth your skin  turned out after usage.

Here are some you can try at home

— Coffee and Honey Face Mask:


1 tbsp of coffee powder

1 tbsp of honey


Mix the ingredients well in a bowl to make a fine paste. After which, apply paste on your face and spread it on the skin.

Gently massage in circular motions.

Allow paste to sit on skin for 20 minutes and then rinse it off.


This combination will provide you with amazing results. Coffee’s anti-oxidant formula and honey’s moisturizing feature will provide you a glowing and moisturized skin.

Coffee & Cocoa Powder Mask:

This is definitely a must try pack. Yummy with a wonderful aroma, both ingredients are rich in intioxidants that could repair skin damages easily.


coffee powder

cocoa powder


Take coffee powder & cocoa powder in equal amount and mix with milk well to make a smooth paste.

Apply paste on the face and the neck.

Let mixture sit for 30 minutes and rinse off with water.


Will exfoliate the skin thoroughly, tighten the pores and hydrate the skin while soothing your senses to sweetest smell.

Coffee and Lemon Face Mask:

This face pack is particularly great for oily skin.


1 tbsp of coffee powder

lemon juice


Take coffee powder and mix it with lemon juice extract in a bowl.Mix well to form a fine paste.

Apply this paste over the face and neck and rinse it off after 30 minutes.


Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, so it will pass through the pores on the skin and clear the dirt on the skin, naturally exfoliating and reveal a healthy sheen.

Instead of putting holes in your wallet on beauty products that may do more harm than good, you could just as well look inside your kitchen for healthy, natural ingredients for that glow you so desire.

By Sarah Oyedo

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