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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

We are African and many of us have naturally full lips, but a few of us aren’t so lucky. If you have always wondered how the like of Kylie Jenner, Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and more have managed to get the fuller lips look, today is your lucky day. Here are 5 basic steps to achieving this flawless, fuller lip look with just lip liner and lipstick:

  1. Stick with a neutral tone

kendall jenner

It is normal to want to experiment with lots of colours while applying lipstick, but if you want the fuller lip look, the key is to use a nude shade with the same undertones as your skin tone. That way the contrast of shades looks cohesive and makes your fuller lip look more natural.

2. Start by shading in the corners


Use a super-sharp lip pencil – the pointier the pencil, the more precise your application will be – to begin shading the corners of your lips rather than following the lip line exactly. This not only contours them, but also softens the line making the hack a little less noticeable.

3. Don’t go too far outside your lip line

chrissy teigen

After you’ve shaded in the corners, trace along your lip line while gradually veering outside of your mouth’s natural perimeter as you move toward the center of your top and bottom lips — but only slightly! Following your natural shape and not going too far outside the natural border, will look the most natural, while also effectively enhancing your pout. You can also shade over the cupids bow rather than along it, like Chrissy Teigen above, but this can be tricky to pull off. If it looks silly, you’ve probably pushed it a bit too far.

4. Blend out the edges

halle berry

You could use a lip brush, or your finger to pat and melt the liner into your skin. Either way, the goal is the same: to blend the edge of the liner toward the inside of the lips to soften the line.

5. Fill in the centre with lipstick

jennifer lopez

Use a lipstick shade similar to the liner for a subtler effect, or opt for a slightly lighter lipstick to emphasize the line. To complete the look, use a brush to apply a matte lipstick on the center of the top and bottom lips, blending it out toward the perimeter of the mouth. The matte textures make the pouty effect stand out more. You could also use a product with a gel-like formula or something with a subtle sheen on the center of the pout for a more satin finish.

So there you have it, your pouty makeup hack. Try it and let’s know how it looked in the comments section below.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

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