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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

If you have to wear high heels to work every day in Nigeria, then you know that the struggle is real, especially if you don’t own a car. You have to resign to carrying an extra bag of slippers with you while you jump buses every day and we all know how annoying extra luggage can be. But your struggle does not have to be like that anymore. Here’s how to wear heels to work every day even with our bad Nigerian roads and poor transportation systems:

  1. Opt for lower heels:


Yes, you want to look classy and elegant. But, you don’t have to break your neck in high heels to do that. Just wear a pair of heels that are about 3 inches long and you will look as elegant as the person in their 7-inch stilettos.

  1. How about a wedge?


Every girl that wore high heels to class when they were in high school knows that our go-to spot for elegant comfort is the wedge sandal or shoe. It is so much more comfortable and provides better balance for moving around easily. So go and stock up on wedges.

  1. Visit the cobbler:


More often than not, what makes our shoes uncomfortable are the shaky heels we get after wearing them for a while. Many Nigerians don’t know this, but it is actually a necessity to visit the cobbler from time to time to help you fill up your heels. It helps with your balance and makes your shoe newer again so kill two birds with one stone!

  1. Choose wisely:


The first mistakes ladies make when buying a pair of shoes is that we simply pick the shoes based on their beauty or the trend. Before you make that purchase, try on the shoes and walk a little in it to feel the comfort. If it is not the perfect size, feel sturdy and solid on the floor and help you walk like you were not even on heels, then don’t buy it. Or buy it and never wear it for more than 30 minutes. Your choice.

  1. Blocked Heels Are The New Flats


Some of us were beyond ecstatic when blocked heels came back into season. Blocked heels are those comfortable sandals that can take your outfit from casual to elegant in just a pair of shoes. They seem casual when you just look at them from the front, but they are also high enough to make you walk gracefully, as if you were in some pencil heeled court shoes. Yas girl!

So there you have it. Take these tips and comment your gratitude or additions in the comments section.

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