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About a month ago, while we discussed Patient’s Rights and the Patient’s Bill of Right, I informed us that every smartphone has a Medical ID app and also implored us all to have this set up to aid Doctors in the case of an emergency.

medical id So you ask what exactly is the Medical ID that you’re talking about and how exactly does it work?

Medical IDs are an easy practical way of communicating essential information to first responders in the case of an emergency. Responders are able to access one’s critical medical information from the lock screen without needing the passcode.

A case in point is the iPhone:

Every iPhone has the Health feature/app which has a lot of amazing features like, your:

  1. Activity on a daily basis – (Walking + Running distance, Steps & fights climbed;
  2. Health Data – which could come in very handy and help not just your activity but your Nutrition, Mindfulness and Sleep which are indeed very vital areas of our life.
  3. Sources – which contains/stores all your devices, that is, it tries to ensure that no matter what device you’re using – your iWatch, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, you stay connected.
  4. Medical ID – which is the most important and vital feature could come in handy especially when we are not able to speak (for ourselves) or feel uncomfortable, <even in our unconscious state> by just pressing down (Emergency) buttons/buttons that enable us to switch off our phones

To set up the Medical ID on your iPhone, all you have to do is:

  • Tap the Medical ID,
  • Click edit,
  • Click edit Medical ID (if asked)
  • Turn on show when locked in an emergency, as this makes your Medical ID available from your lock screen on your phone. It also allows responders’ access to your Medical information without knowing or using you lock code/passcode.
  • Fill in your vital and essential medical details i.e. your height, weight, age, medical conditions, Allergies, Reactions, Medications (if any), Blood Type, Weight and Height.

You can also add Emergency contacts directly who can be called directly from the app even without using a passcode. How great is that?

Another great feature apart from adding your picture for recognition is that when you use the Emergency SOS to call Emergency Services, your emergency contacts will be notified and sent your current location.  You might need to activate this feature in your settings. You can also use this app to indicate if you want to be an organ donor or if you have an organ donor <this feature can only be used in the United States of America (USA)>.

Medical records could also be added to this app, however this depends on the iOS you are using and which country you reside in. It currently works in the USA and might be available in the United Kingdom depending on your health care provider /hospital. (You would need to ask your medical provider to make your health records available as a Clinical Document Architecture files (CDAs) either on their website, by email or on the app. With iOS 11.3, you can see your health records from multiple institutions on your iPhone.
Sadly we never reach this level for Naija but by God’s grace we will get there. We never get electronic medical database we come dey find electronic record for app!!

crying sad child

This App could literally save your life as it has quick access to your Medical data and has support for multiple profiles (Husband, wife, Children, etc).

Gone are the days of dog tags, medic-alert bracelets or medical id necklaces. Now as long as Android/iPhone users fill in their medical details, paramedics can be alerted of their medical information when an accident occurs or in case of an emergency. This way people could feel safe and secure and know that no matter what happens to them their health would not compromised as they have a great guide in place. It could also reduce misdiagnosis in patients when emergencies occur.

I implore us to all have these details filed as it costs us nothing at all. Yas to oshofree!!!!

This app could also be found on Google play and any Android device and its free on all devices. Other apps similar to this app, that can truly save your life include In case of Emergency or Vital ICE.

Till next time….

By Adesola Osuntoki

Credits: https://suppport.apple.com/en-us/HT207021

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