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It’s Wednesday. The middle of the week. Hump Day as the kids call it- as it’s the hump that reminds us to stop being miserable and hating life cos there’s only two more days till we get to sleep in.



To celebrate this hump, one can’t simply go home and get into their PJs- you have to go out and celebrate! But obviously you can’t go totally crazy cos hopefully you have stuff to do. So this column is to help you find fun stuff to do on a Wednesday evening.

As it is, Wednesday’s are actually the best day for date night. You and your significant other/FWB/uncomfortably close best friend can head over to The Palms and enjoy a movie at Genesis Cinema for just N700 per ticket. Then after you can go to Pattaya Restaurant (it’s right down the street from law school) and enjoy huge fish bowl cocktails for N5000- and trust us, all it takes to have a good time is about half of that fishbowl.

And there you have it- a nice Wednesday evening with a loved one and the knowledge that when your slightly buzzed head hits the pillow, there’s only two more days until the weekend!

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