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By Ivie Martins

Jennifer lived down the street from my family house. Being raised by her elderly grandma, Jennifer never really had the feel of a full family. The few times we spent playing, Jennifer would tell me about her wish for Christmas.

giving at christmas

She always hoped that someone will surprise her with a gift just to make up for the very tough year she had. She always wished she was grown up enough to work and have some money to cook a sumptuous meal for grannie. She always wished that Santa Claus would pay her a visit with that doll she saw me carrying around.

I, on the other hand always wished I could make my friend happy by getting in touch with Santa. But that never happened.

Christmas is here, I am thinking about the holidays and I remember my good friend Jennifer. While most of us think about the massive amounts of food we will eat, seeing family members we only see once a year, going on that super fun trip, some folks stress about not having a place to sleep or anything to eat.

Every Christmas season, people seem to get lost in the hustle and bustle of shopping and other things. We get so uptight about finding the perfect holiday spot, buying the perfect gift, surprising our kids with Santa Claus.

We most times forget that there are people who will have a sad bleak Christmas, and their one wish is to get a surprise from Santa.

So this year, I decided that If I cant make it to the North Pole’, then I can be Santa too. So I invite you to join me to show love as Santa this Christmas in the following ways;

  1. Volunteer: Quite a number of Non profit Organisations hold charity events this season, so why not volunteer to serve the less privileged ones around you. Whether you choose to spend an afternoon with orphans or serve Lunch to the homeless, Volunteering can be life changing.
  2. Give Anonymously: Do you know someone who seems a little down this season or someone whose family cannot afford to buy him/her anything this Christmas. Try giving or sending an anonymous gift with a simple note that says ‘I am your secret Santa’.
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    Imagine the joy that could bring.
  3. Donate: Donate some canned good, toys, clothes to a local orphanage or Church looking to help people this season. Don’t keep those extra hampers at home. Give it out!
  4. Visit the Hospital: While we may be at home this holiday spending time with our loved ones, some others will be in the hospital nursing a sick child or parent. Why not pay a visit to the hospital and give food, toys and warm clothing?
  5. Invite that colleague who doesn’t have family in town over for dinner: Staying home alone during the holidays can be really dreary. Why not invite your colleague to spend some time with your family.

These are just a few options and I am sure there are many other things you can do, just ensure this holiday is not just the usual, Be Santa too!

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