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Yesterday, Piers Morgan experienced the pain of childbirth, he was hooked up to a child labor simulator so he could feel exactly what women go through when bringing a child into the world. Initially, he wasn’t convinced about how painful giving birth is, so he decided to try it for himself live on Good Morning Britain. On Tuesday night, he tweeted

  ‘UPDATE: On tomorrow’s @GMB I will be enduring the pain of childbirth using a child labour simulator, to see just how hard it really is.’ This should be good.

Piers Morgan

Kirsty Strickland informed Piers that being attached to the simulator for a little bit will only give him a bit of an  idea of what childbirth is really like. She explained: ‘For any labour simulator to be even remotely accurate, you’d have to train for it (in my case, anyway) with 9 months of heartburn, excruciating pelvic pain, sleep deprivation, aching joints, constant watchful terror and exhaustion. ‘They’d need to strap you to the simulator for 36 hours – without respite/food. Throw in a dozen invasive examinations, some incisions, a cocktail of hormones that make you feel euphoric/awful for 3 weeks afterwards + breast pain + bleeding + bruising + sleep deprivation.”

Piers literally lasted for five minutes after which, he said went on to Instagram and said “I experienced simulated childbirth live on air today. It was agony… and this was just at ‘mild contraction level’. Ladies of the world, I will never doubt your labour room torment again.”

Here’s the full video:

By: Dammy Eneli

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