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Ice Prince is probably responsible for one of the biggest songs to come out of Africa. The former Choc City rapper has come a long way since his debut album, Everybody Loves Ice Prince. 3 albums and one EP later, Ice Prince has dropped his fifth body of work with Cold. The album features production from Remy Baggins, Patrickxxlee, Jaydiggabeatz, Illkeyz, Gcl3f and Austyno Beatz. The guest artist include Jethrofaded, Remy Baggins and K Switch.

Cold Ice Prince

Here’s a track by track first listen review of Ice Prince’s Cold


The trap production is what easily stands out on this song. Remy Baggins deserves all the respect as an upcoming producer this. Ice Prince was all bars and besides some corny bars here and there, Shutdown is a very good intro and sets the tone for the album.

Space Funk

Remmy Baggins is a producer and a featured artist on Space Funk and just like the name suggest, Space Funk gets you in that retro Daft Punk/Bruno Mars feel. Remy Baggins and Ice want to get you high and take you to space and they do just that

ice prince

Hit Me Up

Another heavy trap sound. If you like your trap music with the signature repetitive chorus then this one is for you, if not, I advise you skip to the next track

Die For Your Love (Interlude)

Another experimental song, I’m not really feeling this one. The production is laid back and makes the sound dull.


Another hard trap beat. Ice Prince goes Drake on us with his singing and rapping. The strong melody gives the song great replay value. Another stand out song on the EP

So High ft. K-Switch

Do I even need to tell you what the song is about, from the title you already know it’s an ode marijuana. So if you’re always celebrating on 4:20, this one here is your song. K Switch is an impressive guest feature on this Illkeyz production

Watching You

Ice Prince is in his singing bag once again, this time he’s confessing his love to a lady. He borrows the popular ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ nursety rhyme in his confession. Whats Ice without a few corny bars right

Las Gidi No.1 Chic

I don’t know about this one. This sounds different from all the other songs on the album. There’s only so much singing Zamani I can take.

The Cold EP doesn’t add or subtract from Ice Prince’s artistry. You get the usual banging beats, flashes of a good rapper and some questionable lyrics. Ice Prince tries to experiment with new sounds while still playing it safe and staying in his comfort zone. 8 songs with a total of 29 minute listening time, you just may find something for you

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