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You can’t nail the old Nollywood look without taking note of the beauty trends that dominated the era. From the bold makeup looks to the memorable hairstyles, here are some iconic old Nollywood beauty trends we cannot forget:

The Skinny Brows

Even though other actresses in the industry had the same skinny brows, we all know Eucharia Anunobi’s brows always stood out on screen. This popular brow style is one of those beauty trends that leaves and returns every now and then, whether the shady bunch of Shade Corner love it or hate it.

The Shiny Synthetic Wigs

Whether gold, brown, red, grey or multi-coloured, shiny synthetic wigs were an old Nollywood staple. From razor-cut styles to the straight and curly wigs, old Nollywood babes loved strutting around campus in these wigs.

The Fake Beauty Spots

You might have done this once or twice with your eye/lip pencil because you saw it done onscreen. For some reason, the girls always a reason to place that bold dot above their lips.

The Black Lip Liner & Lip Gloss Combo

Red lips can be bold but why not make a statement with glossy dark-lined lips. It worked for the old Nollywood girls. In fact, sometimes, these black lip liners were overdrawn and extended beyond the edges of their lips for an even bolder lip.

Pick & Drop

Old Nollywood movies had Nigerian girls imitating the iconic ‘pick and drop’ style in salons. Whether curled or straight, the pick and drop style was a good in-between for braids and weave lovers.


By: Oshoriame Egbakhumeh

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