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I look forward to Saturdays. It’s one day I get to see my mum dress up and get excited about attending one #owanbe or another. You see, I see my mum as the ideal Nigeria #owanbe mother. Each Saturday in a month has her booked out with one event she has to attend.

I always watch her complain at first about the outrageous prices of the Asoebi, or how the price doesn’t correlate with the material she has to buy. Knowing my mum really well, I know she will buy that asoebi and even call a friend or two to make sure they buy too.

I watch as her friends stroll into the house one after another. I watch closely how they talk, makeup, dress up and compliment or insult their tailors (fashion designers). It’s always fun watching them act young, vibrant and full of life. I notice how my mum looks extra superb, classy and very beautiful. I sometimes tell her she will out stage the people she is going to felicitate with.

I’m glad to have that #owanbe kinda mother. She is way ahead in fashion as she is a pace setter. No new fabric or shoe design can pass my mother. No, it definitely can’t pass my mum by. The party person in her made her single-handedly plan and execute my brother’s wedding and the result, grand style. Do you dare to add something she didn’t want to the planning and strategies? You really want to see the other side of my mum.

My mum is the best in the world and I’m proud of her any day. I am always looking forward to taking pictures of her dressed up and ready to go party. My Instagram followers know my Saturday posts are dedicated to my mum and the likes and comments never stop. Big hugs mama. You are my ideal #owambe mother.

Written by Efe Ohworakpo

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