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Last night, Tory Lanez finally issued a stern warning to IK Ogbonna to stop posting the Nigerian flag on his Instagram Live.

The rapper who right now is famous for his IG live videos, made a special announcement on his live session yesterday where he gave the Nigerian actor the warning.

”Special announcement, maybe the most special announcement all day, IK Ogbonna please stop posting the same f**king flag,” he said.


The actor has finally reacted after being called out by the Canadian rapper. He took to his Instagram live this morning where he cleared the air over the incident on Tory Lanez’ Instagram live.

According to him, the reason behind the flags on Tory’s IG live was because he wanted to taunt those who were offended by his action.

”For me, there is really nothing for me to say, I just drop flags. The funny thing is that the way the whole flag thing started was that I was at Troy’s live and I posted a bunch of flags one time and at the other time, my other phone was getting a notification from Twitter,” he said.

“I went there and noticed that people were insulting me and I was like since una want make I pepper you with flag, I go give you flag until you are tired, Ill give you flag until you receive spiritual healing.

“It really didn’t mean much to me, I just found fun doing it but then again I think I’m enjoying it but Oga Troy says I should please stop dropping flags so I need to respect his page.

By: Dammy Eneli

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