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There are plenty of things to know about permanent makeup before deciding to go with it! There are tons of risks that are best avoided, plenty of wrong decisions you could have righted had you only gotten all of the facts straight! Well, look no further as we share very good-to-know facts on permanent makeup you’ll definitely find useful!

Young beautiful woman having permanent make-up (Tattoo)

It is not 100% per cent permanent

Unlike tattoos that stay with you until your last breath, permanent makeup tends to show signs of fading after a couple of years. This is due to the fact that colours aren’t injected as deeply as it is the case with a classic tattoo and means you are allowed to have a change of heart.

It can cause skin reactions

Permanent makeup can cause skin reactions which may include: swelling and blistering. Consult your doctor before pursuing this idea and don’t go for the cheapest offer out there.

Not all colours fade

Unlike your lips which may have to be retouched from time to time, dark pigments used to line your eyes are most likely to stay for good.

It hurts

It’s a tattoo, so of course, it does. But the good news is because the areas are so sensitive, most specialists will provide a local anaesthetic to minimize the pain.

It can last for years

Like with normal tattoos, time and sun exposure can cause the ink in permanent makeup to fade. The amount of time permanent makeup will stay fresh varies from person to person, but can last anywhere from two to five years without a touch-up.

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