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While parking your vehicle outside your home might be a standard daily practice, it’s understandable to be worried about its safety when you leave it at home while you’re off travelling with your family and friends. Not only do you have to stress about potential thieves when your car is left unattended, but also weather conditions and falling objects that might potentially damage your car. These tips will help keep your car save while travelling.

Do a thorough check-up beforehand

Whether you are going on a road trip or simply driving to the airport, doing a thorough check-up of your vehicle before you hit the road is absolutely essential, as only a car in great working condition can ensure your safety on the road. Apart from changing the motor oil and making sure your batteries are fully charged, don’t forget to check your tires, and inflate them to the correct pressure if needed.

Keep your belongings hidden away

If you are leaving your car at home while going on travelling, make sure to clear your vehicle of all personal belongings and any other items that might potentially attract the attention of a thief, and then lock them away securely in your home.

Choose short-term vehicle storage

Don’t leave your car out in the open, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Instead, it would be a much safer option to pay to leave your car in an enclosed parking lot or garage for the duration of your trip, preferably one with parking attendants that keep an eye on every vehicle parked there.

Keep your car covered up at all times

Whether you decide to leave your car at the parking lot, it always pays to put a quality car cover over your vehicle to ensure its safety. As long as you choose an appropriate, weather-proof cover, it can protect your vehicle from a wide number of environmental factors, from the sun and the accumulation of dust to rain and even hail.

Install additional security measures

Most modern cars come with standard safety features already built-in, such as a security alarm or an engine immobilizer. However, equipping your vehicle with additional security measures can make it far more difficult to steal your car, ultimately making it a less likely target for potential criminals. For instance, you can install a simple steering wheel lock that will make your vehicle that much harder to drive away, or even fit a GPS tracker inside of your car that will allow you or the police to quickly and easily track down your vehicle in case of theft.

Make sure to secure your home

If you’ve decided to leave your car in your garage or to park it in front of your home, one of the best things you can do is make sure your home is secured, and make it seem as if it’s occupied, even when it’s empty.

By: Damilola Faustino