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I must admit, we are indeed very funny in this country, I like how we don’t take things very seriously and we think everything is a joke, including the Coronavirus pandemic.

Can somebody please explain to me why Mr. Naira Marley thought it was a good idea to throw a concert in the middle of a pandemic that has been killing thousands of people around the world? 

Naira Marley

Oh, didn’t you hear? Okay well let me give you the gist, so on Saturday night, Naira Marley held a concert at Jabi Lake Mall Car Park. It was a full-blown concert that involved people buying tickets priced from 20,000 Naira to 250, 000 Naira.  Apparently, the concert was initially supposed to be a ‘drive-in’ concert, but in the spirit of turn-up, and the inability to resist the urge to ‘Gbese’, people defied social distancing and came down from their cars. The venue became full in minutes. 

See, if people had come down from their cars to turn up and still observed social distancing, I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it.  But If you watch the short video clips of the concert online, you’ll see that people came down from their cars and forgot that there was a thing called social distancing. It’s as if they had forgotten about coronavirus completely.  And the thing is Naira Marley should have known that this would happen considering how people have behaved at his concerts in the past.

Naira Marley holds concert in coronavirus pandemic

Have people forgotten that Coronavirus is still very much out there??? Abuja has over 1,200 cases and yet people there are going to concerts.  I understand the need for artistes to find ways to make money during these times but come on, read the room man! Do you not see what’s going on? That’s even another thing, with everything happening right now around the world, was it really a good idea for him to be holding a physical concert??

There are people dying from the pandemic, women dying from rape, people dying from racism, there are frontline workers risking their lives to save people and yet Naira Marley thought it was a good idea to have a physical concert in the midst of all this. 

Sigh, I’m just tired, to be honest, I’ve practically been stuck at home since March because of coronavirus and that’s why it upsets me to see that people are counteracting the effort that I and many other people have put into trying not to contribute to the spread of the virus.

What’s your opinion on this? Do you think life should go back to normal despite coronavirus still being very much around? Is coronavirus ever going to go away?  Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Opinion piece by Dammy Eneli

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