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Instagram business has become very popular.
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It is one of the popular social media networks that can be used to drive sales and engagement. You can do this by paying to advertise or organically. Regardless of which route you take, there are certain sins or mistakes you should never make with Instagram for your business. We share some of these mistakes:

instagram business

Tagging a celeb without prior notice

Take note-no celebrity will be happy if you tag them without their prior notice especially if you use their name to advertise your business. So, it is advisable to simply leave them except you want to destroy your business if they call you out. If they do, you will soil the reputation of your business. Do not be desperate for sales or engagement. Just relax and do the right thing; over time you will begin to get turnover.

Over-using hashtags

Fine, hashtags can be used to drive engagement. However, you should avoid using them indiscriminately because it may destroy the aim of your content marketing purpose. Quality over quantity is essential; tailor your hashtags so that they are relevant, and do not repeat them needlessly. As Instagram shifts its focus to encouraging businesses to post great images, not just hashtag-stuffed captions designed to manipulate its algorithms, this is more important than ever.

Neglecting other platforms

While its rise to prominence has been swift, Instagram is far from being the dominant service in the social media space. Yet many brands plough all of their attention into it and end up neglecting the need to develop their presence on other platforms. Where you direct your attention will depend partly on your target audience; younger users are migrating to Snapchat, while platforms like Facebook and Twitter appeal to an older crowd. Adopting a diverse social media strategy that does not rely solely on Instagram is the only way forward.

Avoid shortcuts

There’s no quick way to particular way to grow engagement on Instagram except you want to do something unsavoury like accumulating fake followers, using irrelevant hashtags and other shortcuts. Avoid all these shortcuts and you will soon have a viable account that hit the targeted audience and eventually leads to a turnover.

Delaying response to customer complaints

With social media, it is now very easy for your customers to lay their complaints. It is expected that you respond immediately to these inquiries. Never, ignore messages from your

customers notwithstanding the content. This is because the customer is always king and of course it won’t speak well of your business.

By Damilola Faustino

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