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Snapchat and Instagram are currently at war over copyright infringement laws. It started when Facebook, owners of Instagram announced plans to roll out “Stories” a slide show of images and videos that disappears after 24hours. The feature which is quite identical to Snapchat’s own Stories had fans buzzing as they compared services from both Instagram and Snapchat in hilarious memes calling Instagram a copycat. To be honest, Instagram didn’t try sha…they couldn’t even be original with the product name.

The feud dates back to 2013 when Facebook approached Snapchat with a 3 billion dollar offer to buy over the company. The offer was denied and Facebook, evidently till raw from rejection, came back with a sting- taking inspiration from one of Snapchat’s key services. Before failing to acquire Snapchat in 2013 Facebook attempted to launch to rival Snapchat with the Poke App, a move which didn’t quite work (i.e, it failed)

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has since admitted that Snapchat deserves a credit for Stories- so I guess that is his way of apologising for ripping Snapchat off. But really, if you steal someones shoes then admit you stole it, does that mean you’re no longer a thief?

Anyway, we’re kind of happy they’re beefing. Cos the memes have been  simply FANTASTIC:

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Written by Kike Olowu


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