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International Women’s day is coming up and we’ve decided to profile some amazing women who constantly inspire us every day. Before the 8th of march, we’ve chosen to celebrate accomplished African women who have made impacts in the world and their community. As we all know, African women are not championed enough within our culture and society. That’s why it’s important to showcase the significant roles these women play in various sectors such as entertainment, politics, economical, literary, medical, sports and many more.

Our celebration begins with the first woman on our list, Award winning Journalist Kiki Mordi  who was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and gained admission into University of Nigeria, Nsukka to study medicine. She gained international prominence from her hour-long BBC Africa Eye “Sex for grades” documentary exposing the sexual harassment of students by lecturers in University of Lagos and University of Ghana. 

“We will take back our rights, we will take back our bodies, we will take back our educations.”- Kiki Mordi


The “sex for grades” documentary brought a significant wave of change to how Nigerians perceive sexual violence towards women within male dominated institutions. Just as soon as it came out it prompted legal action from the Nigerian senate as they revisited the anti-sexual harassment bill. With this documentary, the young 28yr old slit open the underbelly of an age long practice that was always ignored and hidden for decades. She has made a huge impact within the Nigerian womens’ right movement by raising awareness of the prevalence and pernicious impact of sexual violence. We can’t help but applaud her bravery and courage by igniting the spark of change. If you still haven’t seen the documentary please make sure to do so by watching the video below.



To speak more on Kiki Mordis’ trail of work, In 2019, she produced a documentary film “Life at the Bay” in Lagos, Nigeria. It was directed by Nora Awolowo. It tells the story of the inhabitants of Tarkwa Bay and the survival and struggles of their women. The film was selected to be shown by ‘Real time International Film Festival’ and the ‘2019 Africa International Film’. Watch the trailer below.



In 2015 and 2016, Kiki was also nominated twice in a row by the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards and won the first time for ‘Outstanding Radio Program Presenter’. She was also nominated in ‘The Future Awards Africa’ in the ‘Prize for Journalism’ and the ‘Scream All-Youth Awards’ as On-air Personality of the Year.

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