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The fast-rising, 21-year-old Nigerian Afro-fusion singer and songwriter Buju, finds creative inspiration in his and his friends’ personal experiences and in his observations. His succession of singles reveal a talent for storytelling, and an incredible ability to create relatable lyrics, memorable melodies, and laid-back grooves that possess the necessary magic to make each track a must-listen. His discography includes songs like ‘A day in Lagos’, ‘Call you’, ‘Catch a Vibe’, ‘Commander’, ‘Energy’, and monster hit ‘Spiritual’, ft Zlatan. As the artist gears up to feature in this year’s edition of ART X Live!, he sits down with Accelerate TV to discuss his inspirations, musical self-expression, and his thoughts on this year’s theme: ‘Making A Maverick’.

Buju art x


1. How do you achieve musical self expression?

I find a beat that resonates with my feelings and thoughts, I pick a subject-matter I want to talk about or express in my head, I churn melodies to build a foundation for the song and then I put words to it. It’s easy, really, I just express what’s in my head in such a way that whoever is listening can feel it and enjoy it.


2. Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from my experience, from the experiences of others , love and the genuine zeal to create timeless music.


3. This year’s ART X Live! theme is titled ‘Making A Maverick’. What does this mean to you?

A maverick is one who shows independence in thought and action.  One who isn’t influenced by the policies of the groups they belong to. ART X Lagos has given a platform for artists and artistes to be able to showcase their uniqueness and diversity in visual art and performing arts . For me , I wasn’t given a subject to run-with ,they wanted me to do my thing. I was just asked to create something for ART X Live! 2019 and I did that . Art X Live! gave me a chance to be a Maverick, to think for myself and create what would forever stand-out as my idea and my truth.


ART X Lagos will hold on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd November at The Federal Palace, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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