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By Damilola Faustino

Often, interviewers tell job candidates things that aren’t entirely true, because let’s face it, not everyone reacts nicely to ‘No, we will not give you the job’. But so as not to get your hopes up and dashed much later when reality hits, here are some of the lies interviewers tell that you can easily spot.

Photo: Daily Kobo

You have our ideal qualifications

If you’ve made it to the interview stage, it’s likely because you fit many or all of the qualifications the employer is seeking. The same goes for every other candidate interviewing for the position, so don’t be carried away because the interviewer confirms your qualifications.

We should have a decision next week

Don’t assume you will receive a callback after the interview. It is your job to follow up with the human resource manager to get a timeline on the next step.

We offer salary based on work experience

Interviewers love to say this to avoid talking about salary during the interview, but the statement is not completely true. While your past work experience undoubtedly makes a difference, most employers already know what they plan to offer for an open position. It’s your responsibility to research thoroughly prior to the interview so that you have a good idea of where to start with negotiations.

We offer a juicy benefits package

Some interviewees get carried away when they hear fantastic benefits package during an interview and do not bother to ask about the details of the benefits. Do not fall for this.

This would be your workspace

Interviewers often include a tour of the company as a standard part of the interview process. Don’t get carried away when the interviewer says something like, this will be your desk because they must have said the same words to other candidates.

You may be excellent for another position

The interviewer may be looking for a gentle way to let you down if you’re not the right fit for the position you’re interviewing for. If there actually is another position or project you might be considered for, it probably won’t live up to the same expectations you had for the first job.

We will get back to you

This is often a standard phrase said at the end of many interviews. It doesn’t always necessarily mean the interviewer is going to get back to you; rather, it is a polite way to end the interview while giving you some sliver of hope for a callback.

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