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Following Beyonce’s Netflix film, ‘Homecoming‘ Twitter (and probably the entire social media) has been haggling on a question involving the Queen of Pop and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Is Beyoncé the Michael Jackson of our time?

Beyoncé has proven time and time again that she is a bad-ass performer! In her documentary, she showed us that her dedication to live performance is borderline obsessive; she pays attention to every little detail and she wants everything to be perfect.


From the choreography, the lighting, the sound, the timings, down to the stage set up, everything must be perfect. The Beyhive refer to her as the greatest living entertainer (strong emphasis on the word living).

Ever since her performance at the 2014 VMAs where she won the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award, Beyonce has been compared to Michael Jackson, and after people watched her Homecoming film, the comparison between the two icons became stronger… even to the extent that some are saying that Beyonce is a better performer than Michael Jackson *Gasp*

Beyonce before i let go

But plenty of doubters concede that while Queen Bey is a successful amazing performer, there will only be one MJ and that magic can’t be replicated.

According to BET:

“The BeyHive and Moonwalkers played Twitter tug-of-war with the G.O.A.T. crown for the greatest performer of all time in the “Michael Jackson or Beyoncé” debate. From the BeyHive’s position, Bey’s worthiness comes from a combination of aesthetic multitude, live vocal versatility, breathtaking choreography and thematic skillfulness for every stage she’s graced. On the contrary, MJ fans have spat back, not only did the Jackson family icon master those same aforementioned stage gifts, but was able to send swarms of fainting fans to the emergency room while doing it.”

Michael Jackson1

The argument Beyonce vs Michael Jackson went on for days on Twitter and the best opinion that we’ve seen so far is that Beyonce is the Michael Jackson of this generation and we should all be glad that we’re alive to witness it.

Michael Jackson used dance, set themes, and a bit of mysticism to keep the audience engaged throughout his show, and Beyonce’s focus on dance and set themes is the reason why she’s compared to MJ.  At the end of the day,each artiste has a different way of captivating audiences,  they are both amazing performers that will forever be loved.

So what’s your take? Team Beyhive or Team MJ?!

By Dammy Eneli

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