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Over the weekend, Drake released two songs to celebrate Toronto Raptors first-ever NBA championship. ‘The Best In the World’ as Drake termed it contained two songs, ‘Omerta’ and “Money in the Grave” featuring Rick Ross.

The lines on one song in particular has been raising a lot of eyebrows and sparking discussions in the hip-hop music community. The song ‘Omerta’ (loosely defined as ‘secrecy sworn by oath’) has some subliminal lines that fans think is directed at Drakes fierce rival, Pusha T.

Last year, niggas really feel like they rode on me

Last year, niggas got hot ‘cause they told on me

I’m ’bout to call the bluff of anybody that fold on me

I’m buyin’ the buildin’ of every door that closed on me

How did we get here? In case you’re wondering. Let’s rewind shall we?

Last year, May 2018, Pusha and Drake took part in a well-documented rap beef in which the two dropped subliminals before finally releasing beef tracks. Pusha claimed Quentin Miller was as a ghostwriter for Drake, which led to Drake’s response, “Duppy Freestyle.” Pusha T then had the last laugh with “The Story of Adidon’’.

Pusha went on to release a critically acclaimed album which even got nominated for a Grammy. Drake is now claiming that the success Pusha T saw in 2018 was a direct result of the rap battle between the two, most especially because Pusha T ‘told on him’. Pusha T revealing that Drake was “hiding [his] child’ was the highlight of Pusha’s diss track for Drake and now Drake wants us to know.

Have we seen the last of this beef? Guess time would tell.

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