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By John Igbinosun

There is a company I know that has the opening script of their welcome verbiage as, “I am here because of you”. Intense right? I know! The first time I heard it, it was quite a startle and to be honest I had to chuckle to myself a bit. But after giving it much thought, I have come to deeply appreciate the meaning behind the seemingly mere words.

The world we live in now is one that is centered around customer service and all the affiliating attributes that massive field has to offer. But sadly enough, some parts of this lovely world we live in has thrown service caution to the wind- no! To the swine – in most instances. But I believe this can change.

My name is John, and I will be taking you on what I would tag The Service Journey.

I know as you are reading this right now, you can think of some either very awesome or really crappy, make-you-stark-raving-mad, terrible service. And if I were to ask what you did about it, I may probably hear the similar response of “nothing”.

Now when we speak of service I do not restrict this to the high and mighty telecoms and financial institutions; neither is it streamlined to multi nationals and other renowned outfits. No!

This covers that woman selling roast plantain by your office! (You know you have been there….laughs). Case on point, Mama Kelechi – I am a regular in buying roast plantain close to my office. I noticed she simply never smiles or says thank you or even welcomes her “customers”, so one day, she happened to be complaining about how “market was slow” and I seized the opportunity to share my thoughts with her on how I thought she could retain some of her clients. It was basic:

*greet your customers with a smile

*ask about their day or just say something nice

*ask about their last purchase, if they liked it or not.

*thank them profusely.

I don’t mean to blow my horn, but Mama Kelechi always throws in a little extra for me every time I make a purchase because of the feedback she has received since she started using the tips advised. (Winks)

I will get out of your face now, but I will be back every week and we will cover every sphere of service as much as we possibly can. Just seat back and please enjoy this journey with me because I know you will relate with a lot shared here and find useful tips on how to change your service experience, either as a service provider or as a customer.

My name is John and I am here because of you.

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Email: Johnigbinosun@gmail.com, johnigbinosunspeaks.wordpress.com

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