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Beauty regimes and makeup are a life essential to most women. There are those that have perfected this art and have made a difference in the industry. After a Beautytube University class, the incredible beauty professor Isoken answered a few question about their profession and skills.

First, a little bit about Isoken (@GlambyIsoken)- she is a fashionista, Youtuber, makeup artist and glam CEO. She shares her beauty knowledge with her 95k Instagram followers and her 100k YouTube subscribers. Here is what she had to say about it all after five years in the profession.


How did you start off in this profession?

I: I will say it started off as a hobby and over time my passion for it grew and I realized that people actually did this professionally and that’s pretty much how it happened.

If a client likes one thing and you know another will be more favourable how do you solve such?

I: Honestly speaking, if my client tells me that ‘this’ is what they want on or this is the look they are going for and as a makeup artist I know this will not work for them, I will try and convince them and probably give them, like, reasons why. But at the end of the day, I will try as much as possible to please my client so I will just try to get a balance. I will start off with what might be best for the client, then when I’m done the client could look at it and if they like it then we are good. Let me give an example, for me, I like a more natural brow while some people like it big and more exaggerated so, I can start off actually doing the natural brow then I can show the client and if they don’t want that, then we will go for the bold brows. This is because you want your client to be happy with what they have on.

What are the three tools in your kit you can never ever do without?

I: I will choose my lashes, eyebrow pencil because I need to do my brows and probably a lip gloss. I think I am good with that.


If you weren’t a makeup artist what would you have been doing?

I: I don’t only just do YouTube, I also own a clothing line, I am an entrepreneur. So, I am really big on fashion but more specifically African pieces and African wear. So if I’m not doing YouTube, I am really into fashion, I love fashion. I love everything fashion.

What favourite quote do you live by?

I: I will probably say ‘nothing good comes easy’. You have to put in the work for you to get results. And I will say you have to spend money to make money. Don’t think you can just like put anything mediocre out and expect that you will get really big returns. Put in your money, put in your efforts and you will get that back.


This beauty has made it in the industry as a fashion entrepreneur and is making waves. For more fashion tips and advice on starting a YouTube channel, visit Accelerate’s fashion page.



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