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Incase you didn’t know, Whoopi Goldberg is a huge lover of this season. So much so she takes it upon herself to create some of the best “ugly” Christmas sweaters for the season.

whoopi goldberg

This year, Goldberg is back at Zappos, an major American online clothes and shoes shop, with brand-new sweater designs to complement her previous years’ of super fun and totally Whoopi Christmas sweaters.

She’d earlier in 2017 struck an exclusive deal with Zappos to sell holiday party must-haves. The Whoopi Goldberg Christmas sweaters come with funnest designs you can imagine. There’s octopus bearing candles sweater, feminist sweater and a legit booty shaking Santa sweater!

whoopi goldberg whoopi goldberg whoopi goldberg

Sweaters can be purchased at Zappos.com

By Sarah Oyedo

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